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卢菁 LU Jing

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1.Brief Profile

2009-now University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

2003-2009 Stuttgart University, Germany, Doctor's degree of Computer Science

2000-2002 Southeast University, Master's degree of Computer Science

1994-1998 Southeast University, Bachelor's degree of Computer Science


2. Research Area

Entity Matching, Entity Resolution, Knowledge Graph, Location Recommendation and Predication, Social Network, etc.


(1) Ministry of Education-Tencent Industry-University Cooperative Education Project, 201802002052, programming course Reform to cultivate Computational thinking, presided over from 2019-0 to 2020-07

(2) Shanghai Zhanyun Software Technology Co., Ltd., horizontal project, APP shipper development based on Android Huijie Logistics, 2017.0.

1-2017.12, 50,000 yuan;

(3) Shanghai Education Commission, all-English demonstration course Construction Project for Foreign students in China, C language programming, 2013.09-2015.08, 100,000 yuan;


(1) Lu Jing; Research on Multi-Truth Discovery method based on attribute set correlation and Source error, Mini-Microcomputer system, 2019,40 (3): 601-605. (Journal papers).

(2) Lu Jing; DR-RDC: data repair method based on calibration negative constraint set, minicomputer system, 2019,40 (5): 1083-1088. (Journal papers).

(3) Joint truth discovery method of Lu Jing *; ATD4MA: multi-attribute data and computer application research. (Journal papers).

(4) Lu Jing *; Research on modeless entity recognition method based on undirected block weighted graph and computer application research. (Journal papers).

(5) Lu Jing *; dynamic adaptive recommendation algorithm integrating multiple data sources, computer Engineering, 201844 (9): 64-69. (Journal papers)


3. Contact Information

Email: Jing.lu@usst.edu.cn

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