Department of Measurement and Information Engineering

李阳 LI Yang

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1.Brief Profile


Beihang University, Applied Physics, Bachelor of Science

Beihang University, Instrumental science and technology, Ph.D of Engineering


Project Experience

2013.9-2018.12, Special Project for major Instruments, National Natural Science Foundation of China,

2017.7-2021.6, Key Research and Development Projects, Ministry of Science and Technology of China


Academic Achievements

[1] Yang Li, Ming Ding, Xuejing Liu, et al. Suppression Method of AC-Stark Shift in SERF Atomic Magnetometer[J]. IEEE Photonics Journal, 2018, 10(5): 5300207

[2] Yang Li, Xuejing Liu, Hongwei Cai, et al. The optimization of alkali-metal density ratio in hybrid optical pumping atomic magnetometer[J]. Measurement Science and Technology, 2019, 30(1): 015005

[3] Xuejing Liu, Yang Li, Hongwei Cai, Ming Ding, Jiancheng Fang, and Wei Jin. Optical rotation detection for atomic spin precession using a superluminescent diode[J]. Photonic Sensors, 2019,9(2), 135-141

[4] Xuejing Liu, Ming Ding, Yang Li, Yanhui Hu, Wei Jin, and Jiancheng Fang. Transverse relaxation determination based on light polarization modulation for spin-exchange relaxation free atomic magnetometer[J]. Chinese Physics B, 2018, 27(7): 073201

[5] Ke Yang, Jixi Lu, Ming Ding, Junpeng Zhao, Yang Li et.al. Improved measurement of the low-frequency complex permeability of ferrite annulus for low-noise magnetic shielding[J]. IEEE Access, 2019, 8(99):1-1


2. Research Area

His current research interest is the hybrid optical pumping atomic magnetometer. His research focuses on the fabrication of alkali-metal cells and the novel detection method of atomic spin precession signals.


3. Contact Information

Mobile phone number: 15810540787

Email address: liyang@usst.edu.cn


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