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方心远 FANG Xin Yuan

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1. Brief Profile

Xinyuan FANG, Male, born in May,1992. Research fellow of Center for Artificial Intelligence and Nanophotonics in USST. In 2013, he has got the bachelor degree majored in Material Physics from College of Engineering and Applied Sciences in Nanjing University. After that, he stayed in NJU and joined the Laboratory of Micro/Nano-Photonics and Ultrafast Spectroscopy lead by Professor Min Xiao (Thousand Talents Professor). In December 2018, he received a doctor degree in Engineering majored in Optics Engineering. During PhD study time, Dr. Fang went to Melbourne and study as a CSC-funded visiting student in Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Nanophotonics lead by Professor Min Gu.

Until now, he has published more than 10 papers in the SCI-indexed journals, including Nature Photonics(one as the first author),Nature Communications et. al. The theme of his doctoral thesis is nonlinear manipulation of vortex beams in nonlinear photonic crystals. The conversion of high-order words in the quasi-phase matching process has been investigated, and the high-order, short-wavelength OAM beams have been generated with high efficiency. Besides, a theoretical method has been put forward to control the transverse mode in the down-conversion process. A series of scientific results have been published on major international optical journals (Applied Physics Letters, Optics Letters, Optics Express,OSA Continuum et. al.) Recently, under the guidance of Pro. Min Gu, Dr. Fang has put forward OAM holography in spatial frequency domain, and the results have been published by top optical journal Nature Photonics. In the future, he is going to focus on the research areas with a combination of artificial intelligence and OAM holography.


2. Research Area

orbital angular momentum, holography, nonlinear photonic crystals and quasi-phase matching


3. Contact Information

Email address: xinyuanfang@foxmail.com


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