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庄松林 ZHUANG Song Lin

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1.Brief Profile

Subject: Optical Engineering

ZHUANG Songlin, academician, born in August 1940. President of School of Optical-Electronic and Computer Engineering,University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.


Main learning and working experience

He graduated from Physics Department of Fudan University in 1962. From 1962 to 1979, he worked in Shanghai Institute of Optical Instruments. In 1979, he went to Michigan State University(USA) for visiting research, and in 1982 he obtained his doctorate in the Department of Electronic Engineering of Pennsylvania State University(USA). In 1983, he returned to Shanghai Institute of Optical Instruments as director and senior engineer. From 1988 to 1992, he served as director and researcher of Shanghai Institute of Laser Technology. Since 1995, he has been the president of School of OptIcal-Electronic and Computer Engineering, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.


Main scientific research work and achievements

He has won many ministerial level science and technology progress awards and many honorary awards. More than 100 kinds of optical systems and instruments have been designed. He is the first researcher to carry out optical system CAD in China. He presided over and completed the largest optical instrument design software system in China, and made original achievements in the optimization method of statistical test total extreme value and the nonlinear model of tolerance. In the field of optical image psychophysics experiment, he has carried out the first work in China. He has made a comprehensive and systematic research on incoherent optical information processing and rainbow holography, and is known as "one of the main contributors of modern white light information processing". A variety of optical methods have been proposed in the study of phase recovery of complex objects, which has opened up a new research direction in this field. The CdSe liquid crystal light valve has reached the international advanced level at that time. Outstanding achievements have been made in super-resolution optical imaging, grating diffraction vector mode theory, high-speed optical multi-channel mode / number transformation, transformation optics and artificial medium materials. Over the years, he has personally supervised more than 20 master's and doctoral students. The graduates have made a lot of contributions in the field of optical engineering at home and abroad. One of his students' doctoral dissertation was selected as the National 100 Excellent Doctoral Dissertations in 2009. The course of optical information technology that he taught has won the National Excellent Course in 2008.


Part time jobs for major social and academic organizations

He is the director of Shanghai Institute of Optical Instruments, part-time professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University and Zhejiang University, senior member of International Society of Optical Engineering and American Optical Society, chairman of China Instruments and Apparatuses Society, director of China Optical Society, member of Expert Group of Lunar Exploration Program, and deputy director of Instrument Science and Technology Education Committee of Ministry of Education.


2. Research Area

He has been engaged in Applied Optics, Optical Engineering, Optoelectronics and Optical information Technology for a long time.


3. Contact information

Tel: 021-55272033



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