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张玲 ZHANG Ling

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1.Brief Profile

Prof. Ling ZHANG

Department of Optical-Electrical Information, School of Optical-Electrical and Computer Engineering


Ling ZHANG received her PhD degree from Tohoku University (Japan) in 2011 and joined USST at the end of 2013. She has been awarded the titles of Shanghai Oriental Scholar. She is mainly engaged in the researchs of surface plasmon-enhanced spectroscopy and ultrasensitive detection, and has published more than 50 academic research papers in peer-reviewed journals such as Adv. Mater, J. Am. Chem. Soc., Acs Nano, Phys. Rev. B, et al. She is currently the leader of two General Programs supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China.


2. Research Area

Her current research interests:

1) Raman-THz spectroscopy;

2) Single molecule detection;

3) Design and preparation of nano-structured plasmonic materials;

4) Optical sensors for biological and environmental applications.


3. Contact Information

Email address: lzhang@usst.edu.cn

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