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彭滟 PENG Yan

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1.Brief Profile

Yan PENG Professor

University of shanghai for Science and Technology


Yan PENG, born in 1982, received the PhD degree in physics from East China Normal University, Shanghai, China, in 2009.

She was awarded the National Excellent Youth Natural Science Foundation, Shanghai "Oriental scholar", "Chengguang scholar", "Youth Talent Support Program", "Rising-Star", "Pujiang talent", "dawn scholar" and other talent titles.

As the first person in charge, she has undertaken a number of national level projects, including the national key R&D plan "major scientific instrument and equipment development" (chief scientist), the national major basic research project 973 Plan (project) of the Ministry of science and technology, two national major instrument projects (project), National Natural Foundation (general & Youth & International Cooperation) and several projects in Shanghai. At present, she has published more than 40 international SCI papers, applied for more than 30 invention patents, 26 authorized and 3 international patents. Among them, three invention patents have been transformed into scientific research achievements, with a direct economic benefit of 1.85 million.



2. Research Area

1) The applications of terahertz wave in biomedicine;

2) The generation and control of terahertz waves.



3. Contact Information

Email address: py@usst.edu.cn

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