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Process Automation-National Engineering Research Center

Full name of the platform: Process Automation-National Engineering Research Center. It is jointly established by University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, and Shanghai Institute of Process Automation & Instrumentation. It belongs to doctoral major in control science and engineering.

Research Direction: On-line monitoring system for power grid related parameters of thermal power plants, intelligent robots, digital simulation system platform for nuclear power plants, performance assessment of control loops and optimization of PID parameters.

Person in charge: Professor Wang Yagang

Team Members: 5 professors (three of them were awarded global experts in the “the Thousand Talents Plan” initiated by China), 8 associate professors, 10 lecturers, 30 graduate students.

Honor and Achievement: more than 80 published SCI papers, 5 of them are highly cited in Essential Science Indicators (ESI), 30 invention patents, 12 projects granted by National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Current projects: supporting the major strategy of “Made in China 2025” and Construction of Shanghai science and Innovation Center, cooperating with CHDER to research and develop the online monitoring system, digital simulation system of thermal power plant. Through the system, the reliability of the power grid related equipment operation of the power plant is improved, the visualization and re-tracking capability of the parameters can be achieved, the safety and reliability of the power plant and the power grid operation are effectively improved, and the coordination level of the plant network is strengthened. Jointly cooperating with Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Zhejiang University, the team has developed digital simulation system platform, providing services for the assessment system of supervising information security.


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