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Shanghai service platform on ultra-precision optical processing and testing

Research direction: This platform provides advanced grating processing technology, film processing technology, free-form surface processing, optical design, diamond cutting, ion beam etching, micro-projector, micro-nano photoelectric sensor and other ultra-precision optical processing and testing services and products; Opto-mechatronics manufacturing services, including photolithography, thin film deposition, electroplating/casting, dry etching, wet etching, smoothing, polishing, cutting, circuit soldering and other micromachining processes and surface contour observation, scanning electron microscopy, Electrochemical analysis and other tests. The platform services for companies, universities and research institutes related to the ultra-precision optical manufacturing industry.

Person in charge of the institution: Zhang Dawei, Born in 1977, Ph.D., professor. In 2005, he graduated from the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and worked on theoretical and process research in the fields of optical film, ion beam technology, sub-wavelength grating, and guided mode resonance. He has presided over 2 National Natural Science Youth Funds and 2 Funds, and is responsible for 1 major instrument special project of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Team members: Zhuang Songlin, Zhang Dawei, Zhang Rongfu, Hong Ruijin, Wan Xinjun, Li Baicheng, Wang Qi, Jia Hongzhi, Jian Xianzhong, Li Zhenqing, Liang Binming, Zhang Xuedian, Li Yi, Zheng Jihong, Ma Lixin, Ni Zhengji, Cai Jinda, Sheng Bin, Zhang Huixian, Wu Yehua, Guo Hanming, Chen Wenyuan (Shanghai Jiaotong University), Zhou Changhe (Shanghai Institute of Optics and Mechanics), etc.

Honor and Achievement:

Participating in the research and development of High-performance Full-spectrum Spectral Analysis Instrument Development and Industrialization and winning the Second Prize of Hangzhou Science and Technology Progress Award. Formulating national industry standards and being granted more than 10 patents. Provided relevant technical services to more than 100 technology companies and scientific research units, and related derivative benefits amounted to several hundred million yuan.

Typical services:

·Free-form surface mirrors developed by the platform, double free-form surface mirrors, narrow-sided plane mirrors and convex mirrors, as key components, successfully applied to analytical instruments used by Concentration Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., which reversed the status quo of its relying on imports of core key components

·The platform provides concave convex holographic gratings and echelle gratings for many well-known spectral instruments companies in Beijing and Shanghai. The output value of related spectroscopy instruments and other products is more than 10 million yuan.

·The processing service of the platform on the aspherical super-large lens has also achieved remarkable results, providing the Shanghai client companies with a number of main mirrors of large-diameter optical telescopes, meeting the company's high standard technical requirements.

·The platform provides national and industrial standard technical services for optical instruments and optical inspections for customers such as Shanghai and Ningbo.,

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