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Shanghai military and civilian cooperation service platform on ultra-precision optical manufacturing

Research direction: Meeting a variety of military/civilian needs of advanced optical materials manufacturing, optical design, ultra-precision optical manufacturing service platform from the perspectives of technology, equipment, personnel level to build a world-class level, to; actively participate in ultra-precision optical manufacturing related military/civilian Formulation of domestic and foreign standards for companies or industries.

Person in charge of the institution: Zhang Dawei

Team Members: Zhang Dawei, Hong Ruijin, Lin Hui, Tao Chunxian, Li Baicheng, Han Zhaoxia, etc.

Honor and Achievement:

·The team has obtained the weapon equipment quality management system certification: design, development, production and service of optical components and special optical glass.

·Associate Professor Yang Bo completed the optical alignment system modeling and stray light analysis tasks of the Shenzhou-8 GNC system, and received the thanks from the cooperation unit and the China Manned Space Engineering Office.

·The ultra-low reflection electromagnetic shielding index matching window component developed by the company has been confirmed by the user, and the performance index is leading in the country, reaching the international advanced level, breaking the monopoly of European and American companies.

Project in progress:

Development of high-performance 1064nm combined lens technology, variable density disk optical filter, preparation of solar windsurfing laser weapon protective film, preparation of ITO film for liquid crystal spatial light modulator, can be applied to UV enhanced area array CMOS for criminal investigation/fire detection.


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