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Collaborative innovation Center of Terahertz Spectroscopy and Imaging Technology

Research Field:Collaborative Innovation Center of Terahertz Spectroscopy and Imaging Technology is oriented to the major needs of biomedicine and national defense security. With University of Shanghai for Science and Technology as the leading unit and the University of Electronic Science and Technology the vice president unit, two universities closely cooperate with other universities, research institutes, enterprises and clients, focusing on three aspects namely the related core devicese of trahertz spectroscopy and image, key technology and its application in biomedicine and defense security.

Infrastructure:At present,theresearch and development area coverts 28,000 square meters in the center, equipped with such core advanced instruments such as 1.2 THz network analyzer, five-axis diamond lathe milling machine and 20 mJ strong femtosecond laser.

Academic Leader:Zhu Yiming,Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Japan. He has won the title of National Talents (National Level), Young Changjiang Scholars, National Outstanding Youth Science Fund, Shanghai Leading Talents, and New Century Talents of the Ministry of Education. He is also the members of the Prize-giving Committee of International Infrared, Millimeter Award and the IRMMW-THz Society, Young Scientist Award, Director of the China Instrument and Control Society, Director of the China Optical Engineering Society. After returning to China, the Terahertz technology laboratory was established from the scratch. 10 years’ hard work has witnessed the stunning progress. The laboratory has been identified by Shanghai as “Shanghai THz Spectrum and Imaging Technology Collaborative Innovation Center” (2015) and Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Industrial Development Zone “THz Technology Products”. Pilot Base (2015), Shanghai International Union of Terahertz Technology (2017). He has published more than 70 papers in SCI magazine as the first author or correspondent author, including 41 papers in the top 5% of optical engineering, including 4 papers in 3% of ESI, with the number of cumulative reference up to 804 times. As the He has presided over 8 national projects, authorized 40 invention patents, seven of which were licensed or transferred, with the total expenditures over 30.64 million.

Team Members:Introduced (employed) by the new mechanism, including foreign academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Australian Academy of Sciences Gu Min, American MIT Chair Professor Hu Qing, Professor Alexander Shkurinov, Director of the THz Center of Moscow University, Russia, Professor Paul Urbach, President of the European Optical Society, etc. There are 12 leading talents in the Hertz field. It has a backbone team including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the National Thousand Talents Program, Changjiang Scholars, National Talents, and National Outstanding Youth Fund winners.

Honor and Achievement:

1.With the practical terahertz imaging system and generative system as the main line to meet the major needs of national major biomedical and national defense security, the center has developed related core devices, such as broadband terahertz radiation sources and various Sub-wavelength terahertz function device;

2.Solving the core technical problems of a series of systems, such as: high gain receiving antenna, high SNR lock-in amplification signal reading system, all-fiber dispersion compensation technology, etc., finally developed all-fiber Time domain terahertz spectroscopy system and active terahertz scanning imaging system;

3.the application research based on these systems including: glioma detection, human security, terahertz imaging radar, etc. Several innovative achievements have been made in the new principle, new structure, new system.

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