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Ultra-precision Optical Manufacture Group


Deriving from Shanghai Institute of Optical Instrument led by academician Zhuang Songlin, the Team of Ultra-precision Optical Testing and Manufacturing of USST has become a high-level strategic innovation team. At present, led by professor Zhang Dawei, the team has attracted members from world-class research institutes in America, Britain, Germany, Canada, Japan, and Singapore, most of whom enter in a list of National Leading Talents, Shanghai Young Science Talents. Shanghai Science and Technology Venus, Shanghai Pujiang scholar. Facing the world’s research frontier, centring on the national strategy like biomedicine, and demands from shanghai socio-economic development in extreme optical manufacture, the team conducts the theory and research in an ultra-precision optical instrument, ultra-precision optical testing, precision instrument. The team pays attention to the micro-and-nano optical devices such as, and advanced optical applications such as. the team has undertaken a national key R&D plan, a national major research device and instrument R&D plan, a national natural science foundation and shanghai major projects.

Research Direction:

At present, the research team mainly focuses on the grating and thin film and related fields. Major research directions include:

·Research on preparation and characterization of various types of the grating (holographic grating, echelle grating, reproduction grating, etc.);

·Research on resonant grating waveguide biosensor based on resonance effect;

·Design and fabrication of optical thin films elements based on high damage threshold;

·Development and research of touch, display and detection of new photoelectric functional thin film materials based on new energy sources;

·Enhancement on the ultraviolet band of broadband CCD receiver;

·Technology of optofluidics nanodevices;

·Ultra-high speed micro-nano imaging technology;

·Surface plasmon devices.


Supported by the micro-nano optical laboratory of Academician Zhuang Songlin, this research group has been under construction since the beginning of 2005. Through the efforts of teachers and students, it has developed into a comprehensive laboratory, combining optics, electronics, chemistry, materials, biology and control.

Large scale equipment including super-resolution Raman spectral imaging system, reactive ion beam etching system, femtosecond/nanosecond laser etching, laser holographic exposure, photocatalytic system, vacuum deposition system, CCD/CMOS imaging evaluation system, nonlinear optical testing system, the electrochemical workstation and optical functional materials performance test platform and etc., throughout the original optical instrument research institute, super cleaned laboratory in new photoelectric building, micro-nano optical engineering laboratory and other laboratories. Laboratory personnel and equipment have reached a considerable scale, ranking to the first-class level both domestically and internationally.

Principal Investigator: Zhang Dawei, Male; Han Nationality; Born in 1977.6; Native place: Shandong; Professor; PhD student supervisor; Optical engineering major; working on applying basic research in micro-nano optical devices and systems in the fields of ultrafast optics and life science. Currently, he is director of the Optical Instrument and System Engineering Center of USST and director of the Science and Technology Department. In 2005, he received a PhD in optical engineering from Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; from 2012 to 2014, he visited Nanyang Technological University in Singapore as a visiting scholar; he has been selected as Shanghai Science and Technology Talents and Shanghai Shuguang Scholar; he hosted many national projects, such as the Natural Science Foundation of China, research and development projects of national major scientific instruments and equipment, national key technology support program, and national key research and development program; he published more than 100 papers in SCI journals and other famous journals; his more than 40 national invention patents has been authorized; he is vice secretary-general and executive director of Chinese Society for Optical Engineering, and member of National Technical Committee on Optoelectronic Measurement of Standardization Administration of China; science & technology achievements' transformation the grating preparation and application technologies have won 6 scientific awards from ministerial and provincial-level and national first-level societies of the Ministry of Education, Shanghai Machinery Industry Federation, China Instrument Manufacturer Association and etc.

Team Composition:

Currently, the research group of ultra-precision optical manufacturing consists of 2 professors, 15 associate professors, 2 senior engineers, 3 lecturers, 2 laboratory assistants, 16 doctoral candidates (1 international student), and 80 master candidates. Under the leadership of Professor Zhang Dawei, the team members are vigorous, united, focusing on the frontier technology and making scientific progress.

Honours (Achievements):

Over the late three years, the team has published more than 50 papers in international top journals like Light: Science & Applications 、Lab on a Chip、Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical、Photonics Research. The team has won a total of 8 prizes like the first prize of shanghai science and technology progress award for achievements in optical device and spectrum instrument, the second prize of technology invention award, ministry of education, and the first prize of China Instrument and Control Society. Led by the team, such science and technology platforms at ministerial level as an optical instrument and system engineering centre of the ministry of education, shanghai extreme optical manufacture and testing centre, shanghai ultra-precision optical machining and testing service platform, shanghai led device testing service platform.

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