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Medical Optics Group

Research Direction:

Research Direction: research and application of optical imaging technology in new-type health care. The group mainly focus on photoelectric detection, optical instrument development, research and development of micro-invasive medical equipment, modern medical image processing, medical image/medical information processing and analysis technology, the research of computer-aided diagnosis based on the medical image, medical health optics, operational research and cybernetics, combinatorial optimization, medical multi-mode imaging technology, photobiology, Opto-Electro-Mechanical-System integration and control, power electronic technology, biophotonics, almost covers all the research directions in the field of medical optics, possessing the strong research capabilities of further research in the field of biomedical detection.


It is equipped with a biological microscope, fluorescence microscope, Laser scanning confocal Raman microscope, laser, EMCCD, optical platform, incubator, safety cabinet and other medical optical instruments.

Principal Investigator: Xiao Guohua, PhD of Electrical engineering - electronic optics, University of Central Florida (the USA), 1998-2002: AVNEX engineer, director of optical engineering; 2003: director of Intelligent Optic Network Products Solution of Huawei (the USA); 2004-2008: one of the founders of ARASOR Chinese operating company; 2009 until now: Distinguished Professor of USST.

In September 2009, winner of the first "3551 Talents Plan" of Wuhan East Lake new technology development zone; In 2011, winner of Hubei municipal "outstanding young entrepreneurs"; In 2012, winner of “Scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship talents”; Winner of the Fourth “Ten Outstanding Returning Brains in Wuhan”, and the first batch of Wuhan City Partner, holding many projects which won national, provincial and municipal funding support, has rich experience in incubation and management of projects, and works as a project leader of more than 20 key projects, including Electronic Industry Fund Project of the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, small-medium enterprise innovation fund project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, national major projects of scientific instruments and equipment, program of National Natural Science Foundation of China. Some of its achievements have been industrialized and acquired more than 30 American and Chinese authorized patents. More than 15 Academic papers have been published. He also served as the author of relevant chapters of Information Optics (a textbook published by Academic Press, a famous American Academic Press).

Honours (Achievements):

The Light Field Adjustment and Super-resolution Imaging Team of USST have become a key innovation team for Shanghai local high-level university construction. At present, the team owns 27 members including 6 talents ( OSA Fellow,SPIE Fellow) at the national, ministerial or provincial levels. In recent three years, the team has published more than 11- papers in Nature Photonics、Science Advances、Physical Review Letters and delivered keynotes and special reports in international conferences. The team also has won 17 authorized national invention patents and applied for 16 national invention patents.

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