Graduate Programs

Control Science and Engineering

Master's Degree program

As one of the key construction subjects of USST, the master’s degree of first-level discipline for Control Science and Engineering was approved in 2005.

The theoretical research of this subject includes nonlinear system control and filtering, wireless sensor network and multi-agent, industrial medical, big data and intelligent computation. The application research including intelligent robot and artificial intelligence, large-scale industrial system modeling and control, industrial Internet of things and smart city.

This discipline has a professional team of teachers with reasonable structure and high quality, including 15 professors and 20 associate professors. Among them, there are twenty-five teachers with Ph. D. degree and ten teachers with overseas learning experience, including four teachers joining the "one thousand plan" in Shanghai, four "Oriental scholars" in Shanghai, one getting the new century talent from the ministry of education, and a teacher obtaining the “Dawn” Program of Shanghai Education Commission.

This discipline has complete academic echelons, strong atmosphere and good scientific conditions for scientific research. Currently, we have undertaken many national and provincial scientific research projects, and have established extensive academic relations and cooperation with domestic and foreign experts and scholars. We also have several experimental centers including National Engineering Research Center for industrial process automation (co-construction) , Key Laboratory of Shanghai for intelligent control of photoelectric system , National Joint Laboratory of first-class university of Shanghai for Industrial big data , Collaborative innovation center for intelligent instrumentation and industrial automation.

Main research fields: Control Theory and Control Engineering, Testing Technology and Automation Equipment, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System, Navigation, Guidance and Control, Enterprise Information System and Engineering.

Ph. D. program

The control science and engineering is a Ph. D. program in USST, approved in September 2016. The subject is a study of control theory, methods, technology and engineering applications. It is one of the most important scientific theories and achievements in the 20th century, and its theoretical development and technological progress are closely related to the demand of production and social practice.

Based on cybernetics, information theory and system theory, control science studies the common problems in various fields which are independent of specific objects, that is, how to describe and analyze the object and environment information, and what kind of control and decision-making behavior should be taken to achieve certain goals. The combination of this discipline with information science and computer science has opened up the fields of knowledge engineering, intelligent robots and artificial intelligence. The combination of this discipline with sociology and economics has brought the subjects of research into the category of social system and economic system. The combination of this discipline with biology and medicine has promoted the development of biological cybernetics.

There are 30 professors and 21 doctoral supervisors in this discipline. There are a group of associate professors and young backbone teachers with doctoral degrees. The staff have a high-level scientific research and can undertake major national and provincial-level key scientific and technological projects.

Research directions: micro-nano detection technology and devices, test information acquisition and processing, machine vision and detection, online detection technology and equipment, system control and detection

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