Institute of Photonic Chips (IPC)

    Institute of Photonic Chips (IPC), University of Shanghai for Science and Technology is a world-class institution for photonics research led by Professor Min Gu, an internationally-renowned expert in Photonics and Foreign Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. IPC focuses its research on artificial intelligence nanophotonic chip and related fields. It has also been seeking an all-around “production-education-research” cooperation with well-known hi-tech enterprises home and abroad to achieve the industrialization of its scientific research achievements. Its ultimate goal is to develop cutting-edge photonics technology, embracing a more intelligent and greener future. IPC has more than 20 teachers, all of whom are graduates from first-class universities, such as Harvard University, National University of Singapore, Fudan University, Nankai University, Nanjing University, etc. The institute has built a series of experimental spaces including a materials laboratory, optical laboratory, biological laboratory, ultra-clean room and micro-nano fabrication platform with a usable area of about 3,000 square meters.

    IPC regularly holds academic exchange activities such as Gezhi salon, coffee time, academic talks, academic reports and training classes chaired by Nature masters, which aims to create a scientific research exchange platform among different disciplines, campuses and ages, and foster a research atmosphere of truth-seeking, innovation and excellence. Through brainstorming-oriented academic exchanges, it enhances the research enthusiasm of team teachers and students, stimulates innovative thinking, gathers research energy and promotes the development of unprecedented science and technology. At IPC, a multidisciplinary team made of physicists, material scientists and industrial partners make concerted efforts. With the construction of the world's leading laboratory and sufficient research funds, it provides salaries competitive at the international level and a research environment full of development possibilities and embedded in the international collaboration network.

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