International joint laboratory of Terahertz Technical Innovation

Research Field:

On this international cooperation platform, Both two sides will carry out research on cutting-edge research on Terahertz , Interaction between Terahertz electric field and matters, preliminary theoretical and experimental verification of extreme phenomena, focusing on the development of strong terahertz radiation sources applied in extreme scientific and industry , R&D of micro-nano semiconductor terahertz transmitters and receivers, and developing the portable terahertz desktop systems on this basis.


The laboratory was established in November 2017 with the approval of the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission. The laboratory is at initial stage, and the laboratory-related venues and facilities are shared with the Terahertz technology-related research group of the Institute of Optoelectronics. The laboratory is located in thenewly built School of Optoelectronics in the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. It currently has a terahertz innovation laboratory of approximately 500 square meters, a new terahertz optical material and device laboratory of 600 square meters, and a terahertz laser interference precision measurement laboratory of 1000 square meters, and the biomedical imaging laboratory of terahertz of2,200 square meters. The total value of terahertz technology-related scientific instruments in laboratory is more than 40 million, and 25 sets of large-scale instruments and equipment exceeding 300,000 yuan.

Academic Leader:

1.Alexander P. Shkurinov, Director of the Terahertz Photonics and Optoelectronics Laboratory, Professor of Physics at the Moscow University, has committed to the research of terahertz photonics and nonlinear optics for 30 years, in honor of his contribution to the field of terahertz Alexander P. Shkurinov is the first professor of Moscow University awarded the honorary title of outstanding scientist. He led the team to publish more than 200 high-level papers in important international journals, obtained a number of invention patents, and was supported by many projects such as the Russian Basic Research Fund, the Russian Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Education. Currently, it ranks first in Russian universities.

2.Zhu Yiming,Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Japan. He has won the title of National Talents (National Level), Young Changjiang Scholars, National Outstanding Youth Science Fund, Shanghai Leading Talents, and New Century Talents of the Ministry of Education. He is also the members of the Prize-giving Committee of International Infrared, Millimeter Award and the IRMMW-THz Society, Young Scientist Award, Director of the China Instrument and Control Society, Director of the China Optical Engineering Society. After returning to China, the Terahertz technology laboratory was established from the scratch. 10 years’ hard work has witnessed the stunning progress. The laboratory has been identified by Shanghai as “Shanghai THz Spectrum and Imaging Technology Collaborative Innovation Center” (2015) and Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Industrial Development Zone “THz Technology Products”. Pilot Base (2015), Shanghai International Union of Terahertz Technology (2017). He has published more than 70 papers in SCI magazine as the first author or correspondent author, including 41 papers in the top 5% of optical engineering, including 4 papers in 3% of ESI, with the number of cumulative reference up to 804 times. He has presided over 8 national projects, authorized 40 invention patents, seven of which were licensed or transferred, with the total expenditures over 30.64 million.

Team Members:There are more than 30 Chinese and foreign personnel in the laboratory, nine Chinese and foreign personnel are among them. There are 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 national “Thousand Talents Program”, 1 Young Yangtze River Scholar, 1 National Outstanding Youth Fund, and 1 New Century Excellent Talent from the Ministry of Education. Among them, 12 professors and 5 associate professors. More than 60% of overseas staffs have overseas background, 90% of young people aged 25-39.


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