Undergraduate Programs

Control Science and Engineering

Automation major is the core specialty of industrial automation. It includes comprehensive applications of control technology, information science, computers, and electrical instrumentation. The major is a wide-caliber engineering specialty with multi-disciplinary intersection of science, engineering, and management. It has the fresh features of combining control and management, paying equal attention to both strong and weak electricity, and integrating software and hardware implementations.

This major takes "thick foundation and high quality" as the principle to optimize the training program. Each major has distinct characteristics, advanced teaching contents, proper teaching methods and solid teaching practice. The knowledge structure of the faculty members is comprehensive and strong with the proportion of senior professional titles over 50% and that of doctor degree over 86%. The major actively promote and popularize bilingual courses in teaching, advocate the use of English majors to improve the employment rate and opportunities for further study. The related programs also attach importance to practical teaching. We built the most advanced industrial wireless sensor network laboratory and Rockwell Automation Laboratory. The programs provide the opportunities for students on implementing the automatic control principles, the automation unit technology, and the integration technology in each type of control system. The related experiments also suit in the subjects of the movement control, the process control, the power electronic control, the electrical control, the inspection and the automation instrument, the intelligent system, and the information processing, The students also engaged in the cultivation of the capability in management, decision-making, development, application and management of engineering, application-oriented advanced engineering.

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